We hold politicians and decision-makers responsible for their actions.
Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely intentional.

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The YourCyberCourtiers (YCCiers for short) get things done! They are individuals with expertise and talent in a variety of technical areas and are committed to social justice issues. They are willing to provide assistance to social justice causes without cost.

The areas of skills are listed below. The number in parentheses indicate how many YCCiers at present possess the particular skill.

database: designing (1)
know design and programming dbs like mysql, postgresql, access

presentation: graphics (0)
operate graphic programs and/or have artistic skills

presentation: multimedia (0)
have animation and video editing skills

process: legal (0)
knowledge of the legal process

process: political (0)
knowledge of the political process

publicity: marketing (1)
ability to promote an idea to the public

publicity: search engine (1)
optimize websites to search engines to achieve high rankings

research: internet (2)
be able to use search engines like google to acquire information

website: design (0)
know how to design a website using a program or coding it with html

website: maintenance (0)
add and edit content on websites

website: scripting (0)
be able to design forms using php, python, javascript etc

website: xtravaganza (0)
know how to utilize flash, audio, video, animation etc in websites

writing: articles (1)
writing articles for publication on or off the internet

writing: letters (2)
have writing skills specifically geared for letters to editors

zen: empty cup (5)
willingness to learn new skills