Below are a collection of printable items which can be distributed at demos and protests. You are welcome to request production of specific items for your specific campaign. You are also welcome to contribute to the continuing development of materials.

People need to understand what the deer massacre is really all about since they have been fed nonsense by groups with a vested interest in their own petty activities. By providing correct education, you can set things right!

Table of Contents

1 Posters

Available downloads are ready to print on the paper sizes indicated in inches. Some of the posters come in bcard format so you can print them onto card stock or business card media like Avery #27871 (white) or Avery #8374 (magnetic). These you can hand out personally and inexpensively! Customization for your locality can be done.

1.1 Save Our Deer


1.2 Don't Kill Us


1.3 Curb Remove Democracy


1.4 The Killing Fields


1.5 Say No!


1.6 NoVoice


1.7 Slow Down


2 Banners

These can be created for your particular group or initiative. You can then take the file to a printing service to produce the banner.

2.1 DeerSafe Victoria Banner

deersafe banner

3 InfoSheets

These are a collection of factsheets on different topics suitable for distribution. If you have a topic you'd like to develop a sheet on, please suggest it.

3.1 Non-Lethal Deer Management

A 2 page pdf of various methods including fencing, scare tactics, repellents and reproductive intervention with quotations from different sources. [ Download ]

3.2 Hunting: Not A Solution, Just A Slaughter

A 2 page pdf which explains why hunting does not achieve the stated goal of reducing deer populations with expert testimony from various sources. [ Download ]